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    Melody’s Records is a vinyl record store on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. The record store has been a beloved staple in this eclectic community since the late 70’s when Melody’s grandfather “Paw Paw” bought the building to share his passion for music with the next generation of kids and families in the neighborhood.

    “Paw Paw” Luis was a highly successful jazz player who performed in all the best clubs in New York and recorded several best-selling albums in the 70’s. He was known as “Luis the Lion” because of his powerful playing and his larger-than-life personality. The 70’s were such an inspiring time for Paw Paw Luis and his store reflected his love for this iconic era.

    Luis’s granddaughter, Melody, now owns the store and is committed to keeping her Paw Paw’s musical legacy alive.Melody’s Records isn’t just any place ... it’s a soulful attitude pulsing with the creativity of the community and makes visitors feel like they’ve come home. Just how Paw Paw Luis dreamt it would be.


      - Ziggy Marley

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        The historic neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, commonly called Bed-Stuy, has been a center of African & Caribbean American culture since the early 20th century, home to cultural icons from Jackie Robinson to Jay-Z. The corner is alive with music, indie boutiques, and colorful art with staples like Melody’s favorite Bodega/ deli/ hardware store “La Tienda” (guarded by Scratch the Cat) and “Global Soul” - a Caribbean restaurant run by Melody’s Tia Ellie.

        At the center of all this action is Melody’s brownstone stoop ... the heart of the community ... where local families, friends, artists come together to catch up, exchange stories and experience all the amazing musical goodness happening inside “Melody’s Records”.

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            There are many reasons why it’s such a natural fit for Melody to now own Melody’s Records. The store, named after her Grandma, was where she spent most of her childhood. Her parents bought the apartment above the shop when Melody was a preschooler, and she spent more time there than anywhere else. In fact, she still has a few imaginary friends tucked away in the nooks and crannies (but more on that later). Melody was super close to her Paw Paw and he taught her everything he knew about art, music and, most of all, the importance of being a great listener. Paw Paw Luis also taught her that “music is what feelings sound like” and, as a trained teacher, she can think of nothing better than to share this concept with the next generation of kids in the community.  

            Sure, there are a lot of ups and downs to running your own business but Melody sees every day as a new opportunity to practice her self-confidence, patience, and resilience skills. It helps that so many people in the community show up for her (as she shows up for them) like her 9-year-old nephew Zach, who helps after school, her beloved Tia, the always nurturing houseplant Mami Ami and the Emotrons, her childhood pals who live inside the retro arcade game at the back of the store.

            Whenever Melody and her guests need a nature break – they head out back to the community “Groove Garden” filled with giant sunflowers, colorful vegetables and the sound of vibey music piped in (to help ALL things grow!)

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                Melody sees life as a wonderful journey where we all hold the key to living our best lives but, as a former first grade teacher, she also recognizes that sometimes big emotions can get in the way.Her skill at helping others de-escalate and self-regulate is a gift she believes was passed down by her intuitive Paw-Paw. Owning the record store gives Melody the ability to combine her deep love of music with her commitment to helping others discover their own internal rhythm.  It’s one of the many reasons people love to drop in and experience “Melody’s Records.

                Each 11-minute episode will be a blend of live action, animation, and puppetry.  It’s a perfect combination of Yo Gabba Gabba meets High Fidelity for preschoolers.The primary set(s) will be the brownstone stoop, the interior of the record store and the Groove Garden, as well as occasional visits to the local tienda and Tia’s restaurant. There will be live music featured in every episode and a storyline that is inspired by a preschool relatable conflict and a key emotion that arises from the conflict.  Every episode will kick off with a DJ (think Questlove) who helps “set the stage” for the adventure to come.